A PHP class for dumping data to a separate log file

Debugging can be a lot simpler with a nice set of tools. Ideally, breakpoints and stepping through code is the way to go but sometimes it is nice and easy just to dump stuff somewhere. Dumping to the DOM is usually fine but can obviously cause problems on the page render and it can be […]

Use curl on the command line for some quick information on a URL

One neat trick I use a fair bit is hitting URLs on the command line using curl. The most common use case I have for it is checking redirects but if you start using the command you’ll see there’s actually a fair bit of information handed back to you when you type the following in […]

How to set defer or async attributes on enqueued script tags in WordPress

If you get down to business with performance optimisation, you could find yourself looking at ways to defer your scripts or even load them asynchronously. As far as I’m aware, WordPress’ built-in functions wp_register_script() and wp_enqueue_script() don’t currently take arguments for defining these attributes. But, with WordPress being WordPress, there is usually a way and […]

Working with empty jQuery objects to build dynamic selectors

This is one of those techniques that you don’t really think you need until you find yourself in a situation where you do. This definitely isn’t a hammer and more often than not, you can select what you need in a single selector via jQuery or through the use of the built-in .filter() method but […]

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