Phil Kurth

WordPress developer, consultant, nerd

October 2018

Using em units and media queries for simple UI scaling on responsive websites

When crafting custom-built interfaces, I find it incredibly convenient to be able to scale the entire thing down (in size) for devices below a certain width. On sites that have a lot of pixel-based CSS rules, this can be tricky as it can involve writing quite a lot of additional CSS inside a media query […]

June 2018

Time for a change: My new senior developer role with Digital Thing

Jobs aren't something I change very often. This isn't due to some fierce loyalty that I carry from role to role, nor is it because I'm easily contented with the predictability and certainty of a comfortable salary. Quite to the contrary: I need regular change in what I do; I need the opportunity that comes […]

December 2017

How to set your ACF Pro license key via WP CLI

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of manually setting up this key when I update a local environment or kick off a new install. So, after finally digging into WP CLI as a possible config path, I have this very quick tip for setting your ACF Pro license key using WP CLI: wp […]

October 2017

How and why I use BEM-like syntax

In this post I take a look at BEM: why I use it, how I use it, and the benefits it brings to my workflow. There's even a few snippets you can nick!

July 2017

The Virtual Coworking Experiment

It's been a good 10+ years since I left my last official 'in-house' place of employment. You know, the type where you rock up at a certain time, carry out a prescribed set of tasks, and wait for the painfully slow day to end so you can blow that popsicle stand and enjoy whatever is […]

June 2017

Split handling of the WordPress loop

If you've ever built a custom WordPress theme, you'll have no doubt worked with The Loop. If you aren't quite sure what I'm talking about, the WordPress loop is a central part of all templates, as it allows the developer to display posts from a WordPress query object in a safe and future-proof way. Often, […]

June 2017

How to pass data from PHP to JavaScript in WordPress

Back when I first started working with the web, I barely touched JavaScript. At most, I was copy-pasting jQuery snippets to handle simple tasks like email obfuscation or slider initialisation, but I eventually came to realise that I'd have to get my hands dirty. So, I took a leap, learned a whole bunch about JavaScript, […]

July 2015

Variable VVV: Avoid 404 errors when loading images by proxy

By using the --images option when creating a site with VV, you can set your local site to load images by proxy; that is, to load images from a remote site at a particular domain. This is great for saving space on your own system, and it also means you can get to work quicker, as […]