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Shipping & transport website redesign with quote generation & payment system

Suncoast Express shipping & transport website redesign
Suncoast Express is a shipping & transport company offering freight services between mainland Australia and Tasmania. The company has been in operation since 1980 and runs daily shipments across Bass Strait. They came to me with a desire to completely redesign their current website and automate some aspects of their business. The goal was to modernise their online presence, improve the user experience, and streamline their quote and booking process with an online ordering system.

Project Scope

  • Logo Refresh & Modernisation
  • UX Strategy
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Custom Consignment Ordering System
  • Fully Managed, High Performance Hosting

Website Before & After

The original website was a simple three-page website built using Telstra business services. It was a no-frills information source with contact details and a bit of information about the company, which is a perfectly reasonable starting point when getting yourself online. There was, however, an absence of branding, no clear user journey, and no way to organise and pay for shipments directly on the website. Additionally, the business model had evolved significantly over the years and the website wasn't representing the company to its full potential.

Refreshing the logo set the stage for a clean, modern website

I started with a subtle yet impactful update to their logo. The original logo featured pure yellow and red colours, which were quite intense. I muted these colours slightly, maintaining the brand's identity while achieving a fresher and more modern look. The graphics were also simplified to make the logo cleaner and more appealing. This refresh set the tone and formed the foundation of the primary call-to-action buttons around the site. 

Logo Before & After

Website Redesign

The primary focus of the website redesign was to enhance user engagement, particularly around guiding visitors to get quotes. Key improvements included:

Clear Calls to Action

The main call to action on the website is to "Get a Quote". This has been made prominent throughout the site, ensuring it stands out to visitors.

Simplified Navigation

I clarified the business’s offerings with straightforward text complemented by simple graphics, making it easy for users to understand what Suncoast Express does.

User-Friendly Design

Bold and clear calls to action guide users through the site, making it intuitive to navigate and interact with.

Custom Consignment Quote, Booking, and Payment System

A standout feature of the new site is the custom-built quote generator with the capacity to place an order and make payment online. Using Gravity Forms and a layer of custom code, I created a multistage form that simplifies the quoting process.  The custom code is housed in a business logic plugin and integrates the Gravity Form with custom data structures for item validation and rate calculations between different locations. around Australia. Key functionalities include:

Multistage Form

Users can easily input where the package needs to go from, set their items, and see various charges and price modifiers.

Instant Quote Generation

The system generates a quote on the spot, enhancing the user experience.

Booking and Payment

Users can proceed to book and pay through the website using Stripe, making the entire process seamless.

Automated Notifications

Relevant parties receive email notifications, keeping everyone informed.

Consignment quote generation & ordering system

Stage 1: Defining items to ship & setting price flags
Stage 2: Reviewing quote details with option to book & pay
Stage 3: Specify shipment addresses and desired pick up time
Stage 4: Order summary and billing options
Stage 5: Payment via integrated Stripe gateway

Performance Optimisation and Security

To ensure the website runs smoothly, efficiently, and remains secure, I've implemented several performance optimisation and security strategies. This is crucial for providing users with a fast, reliable, and safe browsing experience, which can lead to higher engagement and trust in the brand.

High-Performance Server

The site is hosted on a fully managed, high-frequency private server, ensuring fast load times and reliable uptime.

Optimised Images & Assets

All images and assets were optimised to reduce load times without compromising quality.

Caching & Minification

Multi-layered caching mechanisms, optimised asset loading, and minified CSS and JavaScript ensure a high speed site.

Robust Security Measures

SSL encryption, firewall protection, and strong user authentication protocols help keep the site safe from bad players.


The redesign and custom features have significantly improved Suncoast Express’s online presence and given them a means to improve their operational efficiency through online ordering. The clean design, clear calls to action, and the streamlined processes have seen increased conversion rates only weeks after launch.
This project demonstrates my ability to amplify and modernise a company’s online presence through thoughtful design and skilled custom development. If you’re looking to modernise your website, improve user engagement, or streamline your business processes, I’d love to work with you. Contact me today to discuss how we can work together to improve your online presence.
Phil recently completed a full website re-hash and online quote, booking and payment system. We provided our outline and rate template which Phil put into practice without the need for constant questioning. He knew and understood the final outcome requirement and made it work. Throughout the process we had several online hookups to hash out progress which was very beneficial. We've already put him to task on another project. Thanks Phil.
Alastair Beaumont, Suncoast Express

Alastair Beaumont

Managing Director, Suncoast Express

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