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August 2019

How to bypass Elementor's maintenance mode using the query string

I recently found myself in a situation where I needed to test the non-logged in user experience while Elementor's maintenance mode was enabled. The quick and easy solution I came up with was to override the option Elementor uses to enable maintenance mode when the query string contained a parameter of my choosing. Using the […]

August 2019

How to render WordPress menu items without a custom Walker

In recent work where I've been using tailwindcss to build my UI, I've come up against the challenge of dealing with WordPress' default menu markup. A possible solution here could be to write a custom walker class but, for a simpler solution, the following code snippet got me where I needed to be with less […]

March 2019

Pushing Gist changes back up to Github

So this has kind of caught me a few times and thought I might stick it here as a future note to self. When attempting to push to a Gist using SSH authentication, the remote host needs to be in the format that support SSH. e.g; [email protected]:xxxxxxxxx.git Command to check: git remote v If the […]