February 2019

WP Valet Boilerplate: an opinionated base for WordPress dev on Laravel Valet

I’ve been working a lot with Laravel lately and a really nice side effect of doing so has been using the very lean Laravel Valet for local development. It is super lean, super fast, and the more I use it, the less I want to be messing about with virtual machines. What’s my beef with […]

December 2018

Conditional Broadcasting of Laravel Events

In a recent project using the Laravel framework, I’ve been getting familiar with WebSockets and came up against a situation where I needed to broadcast an event only when a certain property on a model had changed. I couldn’t find this documented anywhere but, after quick dig into the \Illuminate\Events\Dispatcher class, I found the event dispatcher actually […]

November 2018

Structured objects in a post-Gutenberg world using ACF

Gutenberg. It’s here. The editor we’ve all been huffing and puffing over is finally gonna land in WordPress core and damage all our livelihoods forever… …or is it? Up until recently, I’d just kinda resigned myself to very basic testing with Gutenberg. I’d really just installed the plugin, created posts, and developed a feel for […]

October 2018

Using em units and media queries for simple UI scaling on responsive websites

When crafting custom-built interfaces, I find it incredibly convenient to be able to scale the entire thing down (in size) for devices below a certain width. On sites that have a lot of pixel-based CSS rules, this can be tricky as it can involve writing quite a lot of additional CSS inside a media query […]

June 2018

Time for a change: My new senior developer role with Digital Thing

Jobs aren’t something I change very often. This isn’t due to some fierce loyalty that I carry from role to role, nor is it because I’m easily contented with the predictability and certainty of a comfortable salary. Quite to the contrary: I need regular change in what I do; I need the opportunity that comes […]

December 2017

How to set your ACF Pro license key via WP CLI

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of manually setting up this key when I update a local environment or kick off a new install. So, after finally digging into WP CLI as a possible config path, I have this very quick tip for setting your ACF Pro license key using WP CLI: Throw […]

October 2017

How and why I use BEM-like syntax

In this post I take a look at BEM: why I use it, how I use it, and the benefits it brings to my workflow. There’s even a few snippets you can nick!

July 2017

The Virtual Coworking Experiment

It's been a good 10+ years since I left my last official 'in-house' place of employment. You know, the type where you rock up at a certain time, carry out a prescribed set of tasks, and wait for the painfully slow day to end so you can blow that popsicle stand and enjoy whatever is […]