June 2017

How to pass data from PHP to JavaScript in WordPress

Back when I first started working with the web, I barely touched JavaScript. At most, I was copy-pasting jQuery snippets to handle simple tasks like email obfuscation or slider initialisation, but I eventually came to realise that I'd have to get my hands dirty. So, I took a leap, learned a whole bunch about JavaScript, […]

July 2015

Variable VVV: Avoid 404 errors when loading images by proxy

By using the --images option when creating a site with VV, you can set your local site to load images by proxy; that is, to load images from a remote site at a particular domain. This is great for saving space on your own system, and it also means you can get to work quicker, as […]

February 2015

Hacking the WordPress Popular Posts Plugin for a Raw Data Array

A popular posts list can be a great way to encourage readers to explore more articles on your site. We see them all over the web in the form of trending articles, and if you spend as much time developing with WordPress as I do, you certainly would have come across this requirement before. As with most […]

November 2014

Enabling the WordPress media trash feature

Working with media in WordPress is, for the most part, a fairly simple task; especially with the more recent improvements to the media manager. Deleting media items, however, can sometimes be a somewhat risky process as you are only presented with the option to Delete Permanently. This behaviour differs from working with posts and pages, as you are, […]

October 2014

Forcing a 404 in WordPress

If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to force a 404, this can be done by hooking into the wp action hook and setting the 404 status on the $wp_query object via the set_404() object method. Doing this will ensure WordPress checks for the 404.php template file and uses it, if available. add_action('wp', […]

September 2014

WordPress hosting, the easy way, with Flywheel

With such solid grounding in the do-it-yourself method, it's not surprising that WordPress attracts countless numbers of bloggers, businesses, and entrepreneurs, all looking to succeed online as affordably as possible. As a WordPress developer, it's not unusual for people in this situation to come to me, either looking for help with their already-established WordPress site, or looking for advice on […]

April 2014

Getting started with WordPress SEO

Establishing an online presence is, for many, a huge decision. Often, it takes a small orchestra of professionals from various fields to pull the kind of results that a business really needs. That kind of expertise will undoubtedly come with a considerable financial investment. Planning, design, photography, and of course, development, are all essential components for […]