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Hi, I'm Phil. I produce websites that are fast, secure and easy on the eye. I come with 17 years of industry experience and I've built websites for individuals, businesses and agencies. I'm here to partner with you to build your digital footprint with precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of your business needs.
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I started my journey as a web developer back in 2006. My initial years revolved around mastering front-end technologies – HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. I built many static websites for small businesses during this time & this experience laid a solid foundation for my shift into the realm of dynamic websites using WordPress & PHP.

I eventually found myself exploring Laravel which taught me a lot about object-oriented PHP & the essence of writing clean, manageable code. This exposure, coupled with a number of popular software development books, helped me grow as a WordPress developer, enabling me to produce high-quality websites a range of WordPress plugins.


My journey has been punctuated with successful collaborations. One of my notable partnerships was with Madeleine Mary, a talented graphic designer running her own branding agency called Dreamachine. Together, we leveraged the power of WordPress to build engaging websites for her clientele, a process that honed my skills in collaborative work.

I also had the privilege of working with The National Grid – a strategy & design studio based in Sydney. This partnership stretched my front end skills thanks to their high-end design work & commitment to quality.

I've been lucky to work with a number of design & development agencies over the years including Digital Thing, a Melbourne-based agency specialising in custom WordPress development.


One of my most transformative experiences was with CyclingTips, a renowned online cycling publication. As a freelance web developer, I took up the challenge to revamp their legacy code & create innovative features. The exposure here was immense; from implementing ideas inspired by the likes of National Geographic & New York Times to creatively integrating Google ads, I did it all. This period marked my introduction to reactive JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, React, and Svelte, which have since been invaluable in parts of my work.

Impressed by my work, CyclingTips awarded me the position of Head of Web Development. However, the allure of running my own business eventually saw me venturing back into freelancing.

Plugin development

A new phase in my career dawned in 2017 when I teamed up with Aaron Rutley to build the ACF Custom Database Tables plugin. This was a transformative time as it not only enhanced my skills but also gave me the experience of owning a product-based business - Hookturn. Owning Hookturn has shifted my perspective, allowing me to look at projects through the clients' lens. This has been instrumental in prioritising impactful features that meet the clients' needs effectively.

Alongside, I also worked with Jason Schuller on the WP Landing Kit plugin which was later acquired by Themeisle.

What to expect from me

My philosophy is simple – websites should be customer-focused & designed to convert. By establishing clear goals, I design websites that amplify brands, while tracking & measuring goal performance. My clients appreciate my excellent communication skills, lateral thinking, & efficiency. Most importantly, they value my client-focused (not developer-focused) approach.

Stepping into the shoes of a product business owner transformed my views. I understand the importance of a customer-centric approach & prioritising impactful features over unnecessary complexities.

After years of diverse collaborations & challenging projects, I have garnered an extensive technical skillset & a comprehensive understanding of the online space. I now work with businesses to establish a strong online presence & keep their websites updated & aligned with their evolving business needs.

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From website design & SEO through to custom WordPress plugin development. I transform ideas into dynamic, engaging, and high-performing solutions.
Phil Kurth – WordPress Developer

Why I use WordPress

There are a lot of great tools out there. I choose WordPress because it's open source & it has an unrivalled ecosystem of plugins, resources, & service integrations. This combination makes it a highly flexible system for building websites & business systems alike. The open source nature of WordPress ensures you own your data. My extensive experience working with WordPress across many different types of projects means we can work together to produce something that evolves to meet the changing demands of your business as it grows.

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From website design & SEO through to custom WordPress plugin development. I transform ideas into dynamic, engaging, and high-performing solutions.
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